Thursday, February 04, 2016

Them Damn Welfare Cheats

This idea of lots of people living high off welfare is a myth. Republicans continue to pitch this nonsense while they pass more loopholes for billionaires to avoid taxes and provide more subsidies to oil companies.

Poor people aren't stealing from you. They're in worse shape than you are and would love to make a decent salary so they don't need government support.

Now let's look at the other side. Do you know what "carried interest" is? Your Republican congressman knows because this is the loophole in the tax code that they keep making larger and larger that allows people who make millions of dollars a year to pay Capital Gains taxes rather than income taxes at half the tax rate.

Let's see, what makes more sense, people who are poorer than you and are essentially divorced from the political process (in other words they don't even vote) are pulling strings to steal your hard earned money or people who are richer than you and contribute millions of dollars to Republican campaign funds are pulling strings to steal your hard earned money?

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