Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Arizona Discrimination Bill

And you thought all the nuts lived in Texas, Alabama and Kansas.

It looks like there are a few in the Arizona legislature as well.

The bill, which is currently sitting on governor Jan Brewer's desk, was supposedly intended to protect people who, for religious reasons, didn't want to provide services for gay weddings. Of course gay weddings aren't legal in Arizona so one has to wonder what they were REALLY thinking.

Anyway, the bill is apparently so poorly worded that even legislators that voted for the bill are beginning to realize that it could open the door for discrimination against anyone and anything as long as a religious basis could be claimed.

Needless to say the sane parts of the country are going ape shit over this as are many businesses and individuals within Arizona. A Chicago Pizza place in Tucson has put up a sign saying they won't serve any Arizona State Legislators.

Super Bowl XVIX is supposed to be in Glendale next February and, despite the Arizona Super Bowl Committee having already protested the bill and urged the governor to veto it, the NFL is beginning to make noises about moving the Super Bowl should the bill get signed.

Aside from the fact that this piece of Conservative idiocy wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of passing a court challenge, this may well be the most immoral piece of legislation since the Jim Crow laws.

Even some Republicans realize that this is a stupid idea.

Hopefully governor Brewer vetoes the bill and gays have the good sense not to go out and purposely confront Christian businesses on this issue so we can all calm down and carry on.

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