Monday, February 03, 2014

Now that I'm retired and the Superbowl.

Now that I'm retired, and have been for almost a year, I no longer seem to spend much time on the old blog.

That's partly because I now have lots of other options and partly because I'm just sick and tired of going over the same old ground over and over again.

I didn't even bother making a fool of myself in predicting the NFL playoffs. if you MUST know, I would have picked Denver over Seattle primarily because Peyton Manning was playing for Denver and I don't like Pete Carroll.

I still think Carroll owes a better explanation for the mess he left at USC a few years back. Basically USC appears to have been cheating by extending financial benefits to players with the full knowledge and support of Carroll. I've also watched the Seahawks defensive secondary and, personally, I think they're getting away with a lot of holding down field. I guess that's Carroll coming up with another way to cheat.

Still, they did play the game, they did win it and the refs didn't throw any yellow laundry so "I must be wrong," *cough, cough*.

Oh yeah, I also don't like the Seahawks fans. I've never met such a bunch of assholes. Even Eagles and Cowboys fans are better.

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