Monday, February 03, 2014

No Evidence for Evolution?

Evolution was developed based upon the evidence that we have. To say there is "no evidence" for evolution when evolution emerged from the evidence that exists is by definition wrong.

If you have a better explanation for the evidence that we have, then please feel free to present it. The trail starts with morphology, continues through the fossil record and the geographic distribution of species, then into genetics and DNA along with the various genome studies that have been performed.

The acid test of a theory is can it make accurate predictions? Two successful predictions that Evolution has made that I'm aware of are (1) that a human chromosome was fused (turns out to be chromosome #2) and (2) the existence and almost precise depth of the "fishopod" Tiktaalik.

Then there is the track record of the scientific method which has taken us from the dark ages to the doorstep of space. Science feeds us, gives us clean water to drink and protects us from pestilence. Two of those three are helped along by the science of evolution and that's the best evidence. EVOLUTION WORKS. Just like physics, chemistry and quantum mechanics work.

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