Wednesday, February 05, 2014


I watched the documentary "Mitt" about Mitt Romney and his runs for the presidency. His first failure in 2008 when he lost the Republican nomination to John McCain and his second in 2012 when he lost the general election to Barack Obama.

Obviously the documentary paints Romney as a sympathetic figure but it convinced me that I did the right thing by not voting for him and contributing what I could afford to insure his defeat.

First there was the scenes of him "praying" with his family. This guy really believes that crap. Then there was his mention of the guy that started Papa John. You know, the guy that said he would cut people's hours in order not to offer health care to his employees because it would raise the price of a pizza by 25 cents? Like I said before, here's your stinking quarter.

People like Mitt Romney just don't get it.

Yes, I agree with his assessment of the financial situation in the United States. I just think his "solution" not only isn't going to solve it, it's going to make things worse.

Paying employees substandard wages while people so rich they don't know what to do with all the wealth get richer strikes me as idiotic.

I'd build four or five new tax brackets on top of what we have with the last one tapping out at around 75% for incomes that exceed about $10 million. I'm not looking to find more money for the government but rather to make uncontrolled greed less profitable.

Even if I ignore my lack of faith in Romney's economic "solution," how can I vote for the candidate of a party that (1) rejects evolution, (2) rejects the science of climate change, (3) wants gays to be second class citizens and go back into the closet, (4) wants to restrict access to contraception, (5) wants to restrict access to abortion (except of course for those that can afford it) and (6) would like to establish Christianity as having special privileges.

I'm almost the perfect Republican demographic in everything except education and religiosity. I'm an older, white, male of reasonable financial means. But I'm better educated and less (a WHOLE lot less) religious than the average Republican.

Maybe Mitt should ask me why I wouldn't vote for him. He might learn something.

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