Monday, June 24, 2013

The Right is Completely Crazy

Just when you thought the right couldn't get any crazier, they prove you wrong.

They are going absolutely ape-shit over what the SCOTUS might say about Gay Marriage. Like I've said, I suspect the Roberts court is going to embarrass itself by not taking this historic opportunity to set things straight and will either punt the question or undo years of progress.

But the right wing types apparently aren't as sure about that. Either that or, more likely, they're using it as a way to wheedle dollars out of their under-80 IQ base that those people can't really afford to give.

Allow me to provide some examples from Right Wing Watch.

Speaking at a Frederick Douglass Society (a conservative black organization) event in Michigan, Gary Glenn of the American Family Association urged Christians and governors of states which have outlawed gay marriage to ignore any SCOTUS ruling that might strike down those laws.

Like I said, he needn't worry because that's not going to happen but can you imagine? About the only thing a governor would accomplish by ignoring a Supreme Court ruling would be to get an opportunity to meet the 101st Airborne up close and personal. President Eisenhower provided such an opportunity for Orval Faubus, the governor of Arkansas, in 1957 when Faubus resisted an integration order.

Of course one might question whether Obama would have the guts to take decisive action like Eisenhower took. I mean, let's face it, Obama is not a Dwight Eisenhower.

Even better, Glenn claimed the Republican Party was established for the express purpose of fighting slavery and defending marriage. I might give him the slavery point but "defending marriage?"

Finally Glenn draws upon Martin Luther King and his Letter from a Birmingham Jail claiming that somehow fighting AGAINST Gay Rights is equivalent to fighting FOR black rights.

The reference to MLK is sort of obligatory I suppose but how can these people not see the absurdity of such a statement?

Even further off the wall we have Liberty Council head Matt Staver, who is a Liberty University law school dean (it seriously scares the hell out of me that Liberty University has a law school), claiming that a SCOTUS decision favorable to same sex marriage could cause another civil war and would be "a catastrophic consequence for our religious freedom, for the very function of the family, for marriage, for our human existence, for civil society and for any area of our liberty."

Exactly how Staver came to this conclusion is something of a mystery other than the old right wing nonsense that somehow legalizing same sex marriage would require people, by law, to accept homosexuality and even possibly engage in homosexual acts.

For good measure Staver tossed in an "Obamacare is forcing us now to fund abortion" quote which is flat out not true. Do they know these things are not true or are they just incapable of differentiating fact from fantasy?

These people are bat-shit crazy but the Republican Party welcomes them with open arms. I will not vote Republican, and I cannot understand how anyone with an ounce of integrity can vote Republican, until the party cleans house.

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