Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Special Election for NJ Senator

Ok, so Chris Christie isn't going to appoint someone to replace Frank Lautenberg or at least not for the full remaining term. He will be appointing someone until a special election.

Christie decided that special election will be held in October (October?) with a primary in August which is both sneaky and underhanded while at the same time being fair.

How can that be you ask? Well, on the positive side, we get an elected senator rather than an appointee. On the negative side it's going to cost a bundle of money to have two elections and a special primary in August.

Christie could have simply added the senate election to the November slate except for the fact that would probably bring out Democratic voters that have pretty much conceded the governor's race.

Do you see what I mean about Republicans? Even when they do something "right," it's wrong.

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