Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Supreme Court Strkes Down Voting Rights Provision

The SCOTUS struck down the portion of the Voting Rights act that determined which states required approval from the Department of Justice before they could change voting laws.

Generally the restriction applied to states with a history of voter discrimination and mostly in the South (where else?).

Before we start jumping up and down and criticizing the court, let's remember that Congress, which last extended the act in 2006, hasn't updated the map determining which jurisdictions needed pre-clearance since 1972!

In theory, Congress could reinstate the law simply by updating the map. Given the current Congress, with a Republican House, I figure the chances are slim and none.

I can't wait to see the slew of new restrictive law coming out of precisely those states identified on the existing law (do you REALLY think things have changed?) and the slew of law suits in response.

Another great way to waste time and money.

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