Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Bracket

For the first time in my life I filled out an NCAA tournament bracket.

I'd never done it before because I felt I didn't know enough about college basketball. I sure was right.

At the moment I'm sitting at 27 out of 43 correct. That puts me in 2,113,164th place our of 3,329,637. That's only the 36th percentile.

Hey, but all of my final four teams are still alive. What really hurt me was Wisconsin. I was banking on the Badgers to make a run and they got knocked out by Ole Miss in the 1st round. I also had Georgetown going into the final eight and they lost to FGCU in the 1st round and that was supposed to be a easy one.

The top score so far is 39 out of 43. He called Old Miss and Harvard as well?!

It's just a bit of harmless fun as long as no money is involved. But some folks do seem to get really obsessed over the whole thing.

Anyway, my final four are Louisville, Ohio St., Kansas and Indiana. I've got Louisville topping Kansas in the final. Go Cardinals!

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