Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Darwin's Conversion

A story circulated by a certain Lady Hope claimed that Charles Darwin, shortly before his death, renounced evolution and died a Christian.

The beyond bat shit crazy creationist sites, and extremely conservative fundamentalist groups, tend to accept the story as true. The run of the mill bat shit crazy creationist site Answers in Genesis rejects it as unlikely.

Both Darwin's son and daughter reject the story and say flat out that it is not true and a fabrication by the devout Christian Lady Hope. Wow, another case of Christian dishonesty. Is anything they ever say true?

Personally I don't know if Darwin rejected evolution or not. I wasn't at Darwin's death bed but I'm inclined to believe his son and daughter rather then the woman with an ulterior motive, Lady Hope.

But it really doesn't matter. Even if Darwin had converted and rejected all of his work as wrong, it's irrelevent. Science is not based upon authorities but evidence. Once Darwin let the genie out of the lamp so to speak, he no longer had any control over the direction things would take.

You can't undo scientific discoveries once those discoveries become widely known.

The Theory of Evolution will stand as long as the evidence continues to bear it out and the evidence has born it out for more than 150 of the most scientifically productive years in human history.

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