Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sarah Palin is an Idiot

Death Panels? Death Panels!!

I say ok the first time. As disgusting and absurd a statement as it was, hey we all say things we regret. But now, after time to think about it and hear the criticism, to reiterate the claim is beyond lunacy.

Look lady, if anything even approaching what you’re describing was to occur, I and 99% of the able bodied folks in this country would join you in storming the capital!

The “Advance Care Planning Provision” is a preventative measure similar to what many insurance companies have today.

For people with chronic or serious ongoing medical conditions, such as diabetes or a heart condition, the insurance company has someone contact you on a regular basis to enquire about your regimen and perhaps offer suggestions.

I get a call every six months or so from my provider just to check up on how I’m doing after my heart incident a few years ago. It’s a positive preventive measure which Palin is trying to turn into some sort of concentration camp health check.

It is absolute horseshit on her part and either she is an idiot, because she hasn’t checked the facts, or a liar who knows the facts but is trying to frighten people. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt by calling her an idiot.

The fact that everyone isn’t simply laughing in her face is an indication of how far this country has fallen. This is the BIG LIE in action; Hitler would be so proud. What’s next, Swastikas on the buildings?

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