Monday, August 03, 2009

The Birthers

That’s the name being given to the group of Right Wing wackos that refuse to accept that Barack Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen eligible to be president.

I first wrote about this in June of 2008. At that time I thought it was just some of the trailer park set that didn’t understand the law. But this goes way beyond that.

These people have literally built a fairy tale and no amount of evidence or reason appears capable of dissuading them. It’s almost like a religion.

The latest is a purported Republic of Kenya birth certificate showing that Obama was born in the city of Mombasa in 1961. There are only two problems with that. First, Kenya wasn’t a Republic in 1961. It became independent in 1963. In that same year Mombasa, which up until that time was a part of Zanzibar, was ceded to Kenya.

In other words, the certificate claims Obama was born in a city that wasn’t a part of a country that wasn’t a country. This is their proof? One of the guys at Jennifer Nation States came up with an Australian Birth Certificate that makes it looks like an Aussie certificate could have been the base used for the forgery.

At least one right wing blog is now claiming that the birth certificate was forged by someone else in order to discredit the birther movement.

Unfortunately I’m familiar with the mind of the true believer. The more evidence you provide that they’re wrong, the more strongly they become convinced they're right. It’s crazy but that’s the way it works.

Let’s face it, when even Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are siding with Obama and saying you’re crazy, you’re crazy.

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