Saturday, August 08, 2009

Let’s Talk Health Care Reform

Well, I’d like to, but all the rhetoric flying around has sort of drowned out the rational debate.

I last talked about this in 2007 and, unfortunately, things haven’t changed all that much except now there appears to be a lot of off the wall accusations flying around. This nonsense has little or no basis in reality and the time being spent on this crap is preventing the discussion of the real issues.

Here’s the problem. The American Health Care system is broken, but it’s not broken for everyone. It’s not broken for the doctors and the companies who are making lots of money and it’s not broken for the upper 20% to 25% of the population who have adequate health coverage and are affluent enough to handle what’s not covered. If you think its more than 25%, you haven't looked closely at most insurance plans.

I’m in that category. I have access to private dental and medical care and I don’t need permission to see a specialist. My wife also has insurance and her plan is better than mine. Clearly I’m concerned about anything that would reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of our coverage.

Unfortunately, the media is so focused on the idiot factor I’m not sure if Obama’s idea is a good witch or a bad witch.

Something has gone terribly wrong in this country. More and more it seems to me that people are not gathering the facts before coming to a conclusion. They’re allowing wild accusations and total nonsense to establish their opinions and then allowing rhetoric to whip them up into an emotional frenzy of indignation about stuff that is flat out not true.

To make matters worse, they’re investing so much emotion into these ill considered positions that it becomes almost impossible to get them to consider the possibility that they may have jumped to a wrong conclusion based upon misinformation. Somehow they get everything all wound up in what they consider to be Patriotism and God and they simply cannot back down.

This is nuts.

Like I said, I’m not sure we’re going in the right direction but I sure as hell would like to learn a bit more about the RATIONAL arguments on both sides. Please, don’t yell about “socialism” when you don’t know what “socialism” is and don’t spout total nonsense like medical care will be rationed, or euthanasia will be mandatory, because I really don’t believe those options are on the table or in the cards at all.

Unfortunately, rational debate has been drowned out by right wing conservatives whipping up the under 80 IQ trailer park set with a lot of fictional horror stories.

Will you all please STFU so we can find out whether or not this plan is going to be a life saver or a freaking disaster. I’d like to decide based upon the facts rather than a crock of emotional horseshit but all I can hear is the bellowing of the ill informed.

Too many people in this coutry are complete assholes. Consider the moron in South Carolina that was screaming that the government should keep its hands off of his Medicare. Sigh, how do you reason with idiots that don't have a clue about reality and will believe anything that Fox News or Rush Limbaugh tell them without bothering to check the accuracy of what they are being told.

I fall back upon my opinion that universal sufferage is idiotic. You should have to demonstrate basic knowledge and the ability to apply critical thinking and rational analysis to problems in order to be able to vote. That would reduce the electorate in the Northeast and the West to about 40% of adults, in the Midwest to about 25% of adults and in the South to about 10%. That should solve most of our problems.

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