Thursday, August 06, 2009

Insult to Poor Hillary?

I see on Yahoo that a pair of Washington Post reporters have issued an apology to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The two were the creative talent behind the Post’s “Mouthpiece Theater” video on its website and they appeared to go overboard last Friday with a joke about the type of beers politicians might drink.

The way Yahoo reports it, the joke centered on a statement to the effect that they “couldn't reveal to whom President Barack Obama would serve a drink called "Mad B---- Beer." The line was followed in the video by a brief picture of Hillary Clinton.

Now it wasn’t Hillary that complained, it was a group called Women, Action and the Media. They sent the Post a letter signed by 32 women calling the video "sexist" and "tasteless."

I have two thoughts about this episode. The first is cut it out and give me a break. Granted the joke was on the tasteless side, but it wasn’t that far over the line to trigger a major assault. Now we’ve got mea culpas all over the place including the two reporters and the Post’s executive editor. Not only that, but the “Mouthpiece Theater” has been terminated.

I get worse than that every day in jest. You give it back or shrug it off. We’ve gotten way to thin skinned in my opinion. Too many people think they’re too important to be able to laugh at themselves unless the joke is semi-complimentary.

My second thought is what do you think the blanked out word is? I thought at first in might be “Bimbo” but then I realized that “Bitch” fit as well.

I’m betting on “Bitch.” I can’t imagine anyone calling Hillary Clinton a “Bimbo.”

But hey, you know what? I WANT my Secretary of State to be either a “Bitch” or a “Son of a Bitch.” You need to be tough out there. It’s a mean nasty world and they’re the first line of defense. So I say "Give 'em Hell Hillary!"

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