Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The NFL Schedule

Speaking of the NFL schedule, greed really sucks. These night games are killing me.

Four of the first six Giants games are at night. They start out Sunday night in Dallas; two weeks later there's a Thursday night game against the Redskins at home; two weeks after that there's a Sunday night game against the 49ers at home and the following week a Monday night game against the Eagles in Philadelphia.

So, do you think the NFC East is a big draw?

Then there's one more Monday night game in Miami in mid December.

Of course five of the last six games are so called "flexible schedule" so they can be changed if the game turns out to be "important." Included are games against the Redskins, Panthers, Jets and Eagles.

If the Giants have a decent year I'd bet at least one of these games gets moved to a night game. If they have a decent year. If they don't pick up some offensive line and linebacking help in the draft I wouldn't count on it though.

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