Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Rand Paul Throws His Hat in the Ring.

Rand Paul has announced that he's seeking the Republican presidential nomination. This is Mr. I can be Everything to Everyone. I have to believe that it's only a matter of time before he ends up skewering himself because of this.

I didn't include Paul in my Republican candidate list from last time so allow me to update it.  I think I'll slide Paul in right after Cruz but before Huckabee.

#1 - Jeb Bush - Florida survived him as governor and he couldn't possibly be as bad as brother Dubya.
#2 - Chris Christie - Anything to get him out of New Jersey. Besides, Christie would at least be entertaining as hell.
#3 - Ted Cruz - Cruz is hopeless but everyone else is even worse!
#4 - Rand Paul - Like his dad, not only does Paul not have any solutions, he doesn't even understand the questions.
#5 - Mike Huckabee - Mike has gone seriously down hill in the last eight years or so.
#6 - Scott Walker - Talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
#7 - Rick Santorum - Yes, incredible as it may sound, there's someone even worse than Walker.
#8 - Ben Carson - This man is utterly delusional. I seriously believe that he has mental problems.

Other than brother Jeb or Christie it's utterly terrifying that one of these people could win the nomination of a major political party in this country. It's even more terrifying that Ted Cruz is #3!

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