Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Gay Marriage and Civil War

Right Wing Watch is reporting that James Dobson, in a recent ant-gay conference call, warned that a Supreme Court decision  in favor of gay marriage could lead to civil war.

It could also lead to a rainfall of peppermint drops and is about as likely.

Dobson said that the gay rights issue has reached an unprecedented “level of intensity.” Jimmy baby, did you sleep through the civil rights and Vietnam eras?

The only reason the gays rights issue has reached any degree of intensity is the fear mongering by those using it as a cash cow.

The fact of the matter is there aren't enough people that give that much of a shit about the whole thing.

Those that do are more concerned about the dire predictions being tossed around by unscrupulous or clueless pundits. If people would stop and THINK for a second they would realize that none of these things have happened in the countries and states where gay rights, including gay marriage, currently exist.

Of course asking conservatives to "think" is invariably a losing proposition. I don't think they're capable of thinking for themselves.

Then we have Janet Porter who thinks getting Congress to issue a "restraining order" to stop the SCOTUS and other federal courts from ruling on gay marriage is a good idea. Ted Cruz has proposed something similar.

Aside from the fact that this is undoubtedly unconstitutional, it would be political suicide.

Both Dobson and Porter, like many extremists, are delusional. They're so wound up it their own extremism that they can't see that almost no one else shares their craziness.

I sincerely hope the SCOTUS rules in favor of gay marriage. I'm not naive enough to think the issue will go away entirely but, when nothing bad happens, it will at least limit the ability of idiots like these two to threaten the end of civilizations because two gays are allowed to enter into the civil legal contract called marriage.

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