Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Just when you thought...

Just when you thought Republicans couldn't get any crazier they prove you wrong.

Let's start with Minnesota loony tunes lady Michelle Bachmann. According to Ms. Bachmann the END TIMES have arrived!

Rapture and fire and death, oh my!

And of course it's all Obama's fault. He's brought it on thanks to his support for Gay Marriage and "his" nuclear negotiations with Iran. I put "his" in quotes because, lest we forget, the Russians, the Chinese, the British and the French are also involved. The last I looked these countries didn't take orders from the US president.

Supposedly we've "reached the midnight hour" and Jesus Christ will be returning any day now. *YAWN* Right, any day now. Would you like to place a small wager on that?

Elsewhere in la-la land, Rick Santorum claims that religious liberty is under assault from the secular theocracy created by Obama. Wow, I tell you, this boy has been busy. Look at all the stuff he's managed to accomplish despite constant resistance from the Republicans.

According to Santorum, military chaplains are being dismissed for refusing to accept this secular orthodoxy.

I'm aware of one chaplain who was dismissed, in the words of the Navy, for "failure … to comfort and counsel in a manner that was respectful.”

According to the Chief of Navy Chaplains “At commissioning, we each agreed to serve in this pluralistic environment and to treat each person with dignity, respect, and compassion, irrespective of differences in religious beliefs.”

This chaplain apparently admitted that he wanted to only preach the Bible despite what effect that might have on non-Christians. In other words, he wasn't living up to his oath so he was dismissed when he refused to change his ways.

So, as usual, when one looks into these stories of Christian persecution, it's not at all what it's claimed to be. I'm not sure if Conservative Christians are incapable of understanding reality or incapable of telling the truth.

By the way Rick, "Secular Theocracy" is an oxymoron. You know, like "Honest Christian" and "Trustworthy Republican."

Then there's Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa who claims that people need to pray “that God raises up a president whom he will use to restore the soul of America” after the country has been “deconstructed from the White House” by “a man who is taking on the pillars of American exceptionalism with…a procedural jackhammer.”

I told you the man has been busy. I didn't even know that he could use a jackhammer.

The problem of course is what King calls the "soul of America" is a fictional time in the dim past when everyone else in the world was starving and "Merica" was run by true white Christians who feared God, everyone went to church every Sunday, gays stayed in the closet and TRUE AMERICANS kept Commies, Liberals and darkies in their place.

Then there came the 1960s with its civil rights marches and anti-war freaks and everything started to go to hell. That's why God sent his prophet Ronald Reagan. Then them damn Clintons and Obama ruined it all.

You'll excuse me but personally I have no use for King's mythical vision.

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