Tuesday, October 15, 2013

THIS is Ridiculous

Congress is a goddamn joke.

We're two days away from a potential default that could send the Global Economy into a downward spiral and the damn Republicans don't seem to care. In the meantime the Democrats can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that SOMETHING has got to be done about the budget deficit and sooner rather than later.

I put the majority of the blame for this on the Republicans for giving in to a handful of radical right wing Tea Party conservatives.

In particular I blame John Boehner for continuing to refuse to bring a bill to the floor for a vote unless a majority of the Republican caucus approves of it. The rules need to be changed so that NEITHER party can do things like that.

Think about how ridiculous this is for a second. It means that half of the majority party effectively has veto power over all legislation. That's just fucking crazy and why radical elements wield such power.

The White House is right for standing its ground on this one.

Still, there's needs to be some realistic work on the real problem which is the ongoing lack of a budget and the deficit spending. Spending has got to be brought into balance with revenues. As many independent groups have pointed out, the only reasonable way to accomplish this is a combination of raising taxes and cutting spending.

Again the Republicans are the major problem here with a constant "no new taxes" position that has absolutely no justification IF it's coupled with significant spending cuts.

This is utterly ridiculous.

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