Friday, October 18, 2013

NJ Supreme Court Refuses to Grant Stay

The NJ Supreme Court has refused to grant a stay preventing same sex marriages from beginning in the state on Monday October 21st.

 The Christie administration had asked for the stay until the Supreme Court ruled on its appeal in January. The Supreme Court refused saying that the Christie Administration had "not shown a reasonable probability it will succeed on the merits." 

The court, in its unanimous decision went on to say "The state has advanced a number of arguments, but none of them overcome this reality: Same-sex couples who cannot marry are not treated equally under the law today. The harm to them is real, not abstract or speculative."

Which sort of leads me to believe the court is not going to overturn the lower court decision in January. Essentially, the Supreme Court of NJ just told Christie to shove it.

Here's hoping Christie is smart enough not to waste any more time or resources on beating a dead horse. He's already demonstrated he's on the wrong side of history. There's no need to make that same point again.

As of Monday, New Jersey will become the 14th state to allow same sex marriage. All I can say is that it's about time.

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