Saturday, October 12, 2013

Social Conservatives must be Mentally Ill

I've been following the Values Voters Summit and these people are either delusional or incapable of understanding the simplest things. Either way, they should be locked up for their own protection until we can find a cure.

Jim Bob Duggar
Just the name "Jim Bob" should clue you in that this isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Jim Bob apparently thinks the current state of things in the US is on a par with Nazi Germany at the height of the Final Solution. Clearly Jim Bob knows nothing about Nazi Germany.

WHY Jim Bob thinks that's the case he doesn't make clear but, then again, Social Conservatives never seem to understand the concepts of JUSTIFYING what you assert and presenting actual EVIDENCE to support your opinion.

Ryan Bomberger
According to Ryan, abortion access is a plot to bring about black genocide. Precisely WHO is doing this plotting Ryan doesn't make clear. He criticizes the NAACP for its pro-choice stand and says the organization should be called the "National Association for the Abortion of Colored People." So I suppose it's black people that are plotting the genocide of black people? Sure, that makes sense.

Ryan also thinks homophobia is a myth because Ryan doesn't understand the difference between criticizing someone over what they do or believe and vilifying someone simply for who they are.

Ted Starnes
The Fox Reporter continues to demonstrate that  either (a) he can't tell the difference between the truth and the way he would like things to be or (b) lying doesn't bother him.

Starnes insists President Obama is "persecuting Christians" and cites the "fact" that Obama never raised the issue of an Iranian-American pastor named Saleed Abadini, currently in an Iranian prison, when he spoke to the Iranian President.

The problem is Obama DID  raise the issue and it was reported by Fox News, the station Starnes works for!

Star Parker
According to Star the "enemies of God" (whoever they are) are using homosexuality to "bring hostility into the public square." Seems to me its Christians that are the ones radiating all the hostility.

Star says gays should "keep it private." I'd extend the same advice to Christians. Keep your beliefs private and I suspect the hostility level will go down a whole bunch.

Rick Santorum
I guess Rick isn't a big fan of either contraception or the French Revolution as he claims the former is a descendant of the latter.

Aside from the fact that this is more than a little bizarre I continue to be amazed that social conservatives can't recognize the simple fact that contraception eliminates unwanted pregnancies and eliminating unwanted pregnancies eliminates abortions.

Michelle Bachmann
This lady may well be the most delusion person in the United States today that isn't confined to a mental hospital. She seriously needs to be on medication.

According to Michelle, Obamacare will turn the US into a police state and be known as DeathCare. Precisely how making medical insurance available to more people and eliminating some of the more onerous practices of insurance companies will do that this loony bird doesn't say.

I suppose she still thinks in her befuddled mind that somewhere, buried deep in the health care law, where NOBODY can find it, is the Death Panel provision which of course, when the time comes, the House and Senate will vote to fund, whoever is president will sign into law, and the Supreme Court will uphold.

Michelle Bachmann is a blithering idiot.

Ok, that's enough. I think I'll start raising money to find a cure for Social Conservatives. Nah, actually, they're not worth the trouble.

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