Friday, April 16, 2010

Marine Criticizes Obama Health Care

A Marine at camp Pendleton criticized the Obama Health Care Plan on his Facebook account. The Marine Sergeant was asked by his superiors to review the Pentagon’s directive on political activities which in turn fueled a free speech debate.

The Marine closed his Facebook account and decided to review his military obligations rather than contest the issue.

This shows that our young Marine understands what many others apparently do not. In a Democracy, the military must remain aloof from politics.

Robert Heinlein understood this as well. In perhaps his best novel, Starship Troopers, the right to vote and engage in the political process must be earned by some sort of Federal Service. One common path was via military service. However, you were not enfranchised until AFTER your service was completed. Heinlein understood that the military must remain aloof from politics.

Heinlein’s young hero, Ron Rico, understood it as well. To paraphrase Rico, “You can’t let Cap Troopers vote because those idiots might vote not to make a jump.”

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