Monday, April 26, 2010

The New Giants/Jets Stadium

I was there on the weekend. Basically they let the PSL holders wander around. I’m not sure if it’s a football stadium with restaurants or restaurants with an attached football stadium.

It’s BIG that’s for sure. The lower deck and mezzanine each have what amounts to two levels. On the first you approach the seats from below and on the second from above. The upper deck was closed but I’m pretty sure that had only one access level.

My seats are in the mezzanine and I was so high up I felt like God looking down on the field. I don’t want to know what it’s like in the upper deck especially near the tippy top. I’m under the overhang again like I was in the old stadium but there you felt that because the next level wasn’t too far above your head. Here you’d never know there was another deck if you didn’t look straight up. It’s WAY up there.

The mezzanine club restaurants are pretty impressive and extend along the entire field on both sides of the stadium. For the moment these will be restricted to people who have the club seats. As a matter of fact, the only way to get to those seats appears to be via the restaurant. I give that two years until they figure out they’re losing out on all those extra wallets, and then I’m betting they’ll offer club access for a fee.

I’m not even going to talk about the Coach’s Club, playground of the $20,000 PSLs and $750 per game tickets.

If they skimped, it was on the space surrounding the field. There’s limited room between the playing field and the stands and the corners of the end zones appear to be right up against the wall. I’m not even sure you could walk by without stepping on the playing field.

Then there are the poles. Duh, instead of using a cantilever design there are four poles in each end zone mezzanine holding up the upper deck and there are seats right in back of the poles. We all had a lot of fun seating in those seats and speculating on the guys that forked over $4,000 for a PSL and $120 per ticket to sit behind a chunk of steel. I later found out that, supposedly, the entire column of seven seats behind the pole weren’t sold and they are to be removed in favor of a safety railing. Uh-huh, we shall see.

To be honest the best, and saddest, part of the trip was a chance to bid a final farewell to the old stadium which is about halfway torn down. I’m glad it was raining. A sunny day amid the wreckage of so many memories would have been inappropriate.

I wonder if they’ve found Jimmy Hoffa yet?

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