Monday, April 12, 2010

Confederate Day

Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell caught all kinds of hell for issuing a proclamation for a Confederate History Month without including an acknowledgment of the inhumanity and cruelty of slavery.

McDonnell had the “good graces” to back paddle rapidly when he realized the maelstrom he had unleashed and added language to the decree declaring slavery “evil and inhumane.”

To which the Republican Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi responded that it was a lot of noise over something that “doesn’t amount to diddly.”

Uh-huh. So tell me Haley, where do you keep your sheet and hood?

In the meantime Republican Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey is doing everything he can to dismantle the public school system in the state. Apparently Christie would rather provide vouchers so parents can send their children to good Christian schools whether they’re Christian or not.

The Teacher’s Union started by circling the wagons and then escalated things into an all out war with the Governor’s office. One internal e-mail, which accidently became public, described how God had already taken away a favorite Senator, actor and actress of the author and they wanted to make absolutely certain that God knew who their favorite Governor was.

To say the least Christie was not amused. Well we’re not amused with his shenanigans.

I do not understand how any rational voter with any degree of intelligence can vote for any Republican candidate. The Republican Party has betrayed its heritage; in chasing the adulation of the Religious Right and other Extreme Right Wing wingnuts it has demonstrated that it cannot be trusted to safeguard the principles of Western Democracy or the civil liberties of the American People.

If you are looking an authoritarian environment tinged with a touch of Theocracy then go ahead and vote Republican. I just don’t understand why anyone with a 3 digit IQ would want any part of that idiocy.

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