Monday, February 01, 2010

The Accuracy of Pam Tebow’s Abortion Tale

Some people are challenging the accuracy of Pam Tebow’s story that, after falling ill in the Philippines, she chose not to follow a doctor’s recommendation to abort the pregnancy which ultimately led to the birth of Tim.

Apparently the fly in the ointment is the fact that abortion is now, and was then, illegal in the Philippines.

Well, that may be, but the fact of the matter is that the abortion rate in the Philippines is higher than that in the U.S. and, apparently, is one of those things where the well to do can get it done safely under a doctor’s care and the not so well to do have to settle for, shall we say, a far less safe approach.

So I don’t find it at all surprising that the doctors caring for an American missionary lady could, would, and did recommend an abortion. I believe Mrs. Tebow.

Another point being made is that the commercial would be misleading if it didn’t at least include the information that abortion was illegal in the Philippines. I doubt they’ll bother since that would introduce a second rationale for the decision (fear of getting thrown in the hoosegow) in addition to pure religious fervor. Which is, I’m fairly certain, the reason the opposition wants it brought up.

I think the ad is inappropriate and CBS shouldn’t air it but I’d like to keep the argument focused on that question. I don’t think personal attacks on Tim or Pam have any place in the discussion and clearly questioning the veracity of the story is a personal attack.

Besides, as I’ve said about David and Jesus and the adulteress, even if the story isn’t true, it should be. I don’t have a problem with the story; it raises questions that we all need to consider as part of the abortion question. I just don’t think the Super Bowl is the right venue for raising those questions.

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