Friday, February 19, 2010

A Trip Through my Inbox

It’s a typical day at the old inbox. There’s always a lot of junk that I usually toss, some stuff that I typically file away for future reference and e-mail comments and complaints that I typically respond to and sometimes make me update a post.

Often what’s left are the “pitches” associated with some cause; someone looking for me to either do something, send money or buy something. Here are today’s pitches, in order of arrival, identified by e-mail title and pseudo-author. I say “pseudo-author” because these are mass e-mails distributions and I doubt the “pseudo-author” actually wrote the e-mail although he may have approved it.

A death in Homer – Morris Dees
Morris Dees is the head of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the e-mail addresses the shooting death of a 73 year old black man named Bernard Monroe at a family gathering in Homer, Louisiana. The SPLC has filed suit against the town for the benefit of the man’s widow and five children claiming a history of racial profiling and police harassment of African-Americans.

The SPLC description is long on outrage but a tad short on details other than it all started with the police chasing an adult son of Monroe’s into his house. It doesn’t present any reason for the police to have opened fire and that’s a bit strange even for Jim Crow era wannabes.

A quick check for news reports about the incident reveled that the police claimed to have chased the son from a suspected drug deal and that he had two prior convictions for assault and battery. The police also claim that Monroe advanced upon them with a drawn pistol. Neighbors and family at the gathering say Monroe was carrying a bottle of water and that the police planted the gun. However the gun was in fact owned by Monroe.

Hmmm. This one wouldn’t surprise me either way. I think I’ll let the law run its course without expressing any opinion.

Have you seen this? – David Plouffe
This one contains a graph from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing how the stimulus package has apparently slowed down the loss of jobs.

My question is why are you telling ME this? Why isn’t this plastered all over every front page in the U.S.?

Tell Google: No Deal with the NSA – Anthony D. Romano
This is the ACLU complaining about the potential implications of Google approaching the NSA for help in investigating the recent cyber attacks it experienced, which may have originated in China, and to help them protect its confidential files from compromise.

The ACLU is concerned this would give the NSA access to confidential information about individuals possessed by Google despite assurances that this would not be the case.

The ACLU believes “If Google can't adequately protect its customers' personal information, it is obligated to notify them so these consumers can make informed choices about what information they provide, or the company must minimize the risk by reducing the amount and type of information it collects and retains about its customers.”

Well consider this the notification that it can’t do so without help. Personally I would never divulge information to any Internet source that I felt was sensitive. I have one credit card that I use for Internet purchases and I carefully restrict and monitor its use.

I think the ACLU is being overly paranoid here and Google is doing the right thing by asking for help.

Earn your Masters in Diplomacy – Norwich University
Diplomacy? They’ve got to be kidding.

Breathtaking Hypocrisy – Tim Kaine
The Democratic National Chairman complaining about Republican congressmen and senators who attack the stimulus package publically yet take credit for the positive effects of the package in their home districts and states.

Let’s see, politicians are hypocrites; not much of a news flash there. Again, I have to ask, why are you telling ME.

Tim is talking about a “rapid-response program to fact check every lie” and is of course asking for money to support it. You will excuse me but given the total ineptitude of the Democrats in countering Republican propaganda this would be like dropping money down a well.

First show me you’ve even vaguely capable of mounting an effective campaign and then maybe.

Dick Cheney Confessed – Becky Bond
This is Credo Action screaming that Dick Cheney admitted to being an advocate of waterboarding on ABC news and, since waterboarding is torture and a war crime, he should therefore be prosecuted.

I seem to remember saying with some regularity that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice should probably all be prosecuted, given a fair trial and then strung up from any convenient tree.

The Democrats don’t have the balls to do anything of the sort.

Well, that’s about it this time around. Not nearly as entertaining a post as I thought it might be. Maybe I’ll go work some more on that “If I were elected President idea?”

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