Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gallup Poll on Evolution

The latest Gallup poll on evolution is out. On the disappointing side Gallup found that only 39% of Americans accepted the Theory of Evolution (Gallup used the term “believe in” which I consider to be wrong because it implies a level of faith).

On the plus side, only 25% say they didn’t accept it. A whopping 36% said they had no opinion.

More encouraging was that 49% of younger people, from age 18-34, accepted evolution as opposed to only 18% that rejected it.

Again education turns out to be the key. For people with a High School education or less, 27% rejected evolution while only 21% accepted it. The majority, 52%, said they had no opinion. For those with a college degree, 53% accepted evolution, only 22% rejected it and 26% said they had no opinion. With a post-graduate degree, acceptance rose to 74%, rejected dropped to 11% and 16% expressed no opinion.

Not surprisingly, the more you go to church, the less you’re likely to accept evolution. For those who go weekly, 41% reject evolution and only 24% accept it. For those who go seldom or never, 55% accept evolution and only 11% reject it.

Explain to me again how religion is compatible with science?

I actually find the poll encouraging. By allowing people to opt for no opinion, a truer picture emerges. Especially encouraging are the numbers showing that the younger you are the more likely you are to accept evolution.

Now, remember when I said one of the primary reasons I rejected Christianity was its continued refusal to accept the Theory of Evolution? Looks like that’s still a valid reason ain’t it? So to all of you that challenged me on that, RAZZZZZBERRRRY!

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