Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fourteen Kids

Six plus eight equals fourteen. I’m pretty sure about that. I raised three kids and it almost killed me. How is this lady in California going to raise fourteen and what the hell was she thinking when she went for fertility treatments when she already had six kids she couldn’t afford?

You will excuse me but she is an idiot, the doctor that helped her give birth to octuplets is a bigger idiot, and now it looks like it’s the taxpayers of California that are going to be stuck with the bill for all this idiocy.

The doctor should lose his license and the state of California should begin proceedings to take all fourteen kids away from the mother as she is obviously mentally unfit to raise them.

Everyone, and especially the kids, would be better off with all fourteen in adopted homes.

If this sounds harsh, I’m sorry, but this is just so over the top. This lady is 33 years old, unmarried and unemployed. She is already collecting Social Security disability benefits for three of the original six kids. The cost of caring for a premature infant is around $150,000. Multiply that by eight and you have a whopping $1.2 million dollar hospital bill. She doesn't have that kind of money so the hospital is looking to the state of California for help in paying the bill. Regardless, the hospital will probably eat a good chunk of it. This is precisely how hospitals fail reducing the care available for everyone else.

Then there is the whole question of feeding, clothing, housing and caring for fourteen children ranging in age from a few weeks to 7 years of age. That is a herculean task far beyond the ability of one person or even any reasonably sized extended family.

How is she going to pull this off? She’s going to complete her Master’s degree in counseling while supporting the kids through student loans for which she already owes $50,000. That’s like hitting the rest of us for cash because student loans come from the Federal Government and the payments are deferred until graduation. They are also the type of loan with the highest rate of default. Please give me a break. If this lady isn’t engaging in fraud as well as stupidity then she’s even dumber than she sounds.

And who’s going to take care of the kids while she’s attending class? According to her it will be the California State University daycare center and volunteers.

Does this lady intend to pay for anything herself? This is an absolute joke. And to top it all off, she now has a web site where you can go and donate money to help out. I wouldn’t mind pitching in to help out the kids but only after she’s out of the picture permanently.

This woman deserves no sympathy. There has to be some law that she’s broken. Unfortunately the kids are innocent victims and they do deserve sympathy. I say throw the book at her but figure out a way to save the poor kids.

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