Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Arrogance of Conservative Christians

In North Carolina a group of ministers along with the United Church of Christ church have joined same sex couples in challenging North Carolina's constitutional ban on same sex marriage.

The twist in this challenge is the clergy are arguing that because the law states that it is a misdemeanor to marry someone without a state license, the same-sex marriage ban violates the religious rights of clergy that wish to perform such ceremonies.

Now, you have to admit that's a fairly creative position.

Of course Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council disagrees. That's his right but WHY he disagrees is a real eye opener.

According to Perkins there's a "test" for "true religious freedom." Apparently it's only a freedom that's based upon "orthodox religious viewpoints."

So, who is it that's supposed to decide what constitutes an "orthodox religious viewpoint" you twit? According to Perkins "You cannot point to the Christian faith and say that same sex marriage has been a key teaching of the church."

Which "church" Tony?

The Episcopal Church has an approved liturgy for blessing same-sex marriages. The Evangelical Lutheran Church allows individual congregations to recognize and bless same-sex unions. The Unitarian Universalists and The United Church of Christ both support same-sex marriage.

Either everyone has freedom of religion or no one does. If you reserve a "freedom" to a subset of the population it becomes a "privilege." 

That's really the bottom line. What Conservative Christians actually want is "privilege." They want the privilege to decide what's right and what's wrong and then they want the privilege of forcing everyone else to abide by that decision.

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