Monday, May 05, 2014

Jesus's Wife, Greece and Mississippi

Ok, so the Jesus's wife manuscript may NOT be authentic.

Less than a month ago I reported that the scrap of papyrus appeared to be authentic rather than a medieval forgery. Since then it appears that many scholars have attacked the scrap as a fake and Harvard University has apparently stopped defending it.

In the Greece New York, case about prayer at town meetings, the Supreme Court has decided that prayer is OK because it is a "tradition," I might point out to the five twits that voted that way that slavery was a "tradition" too.

Finally, the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act – which is to take effect July 1 – and mirrors one passed on a federal level during the Clinton administration, is designed, in part, to protect business owners who don't want to do work to promote homosexual activism.

In response to passage of that bill, owners who want the business of homosexuals are now posting blue, circular window stickers that incorporate the rainbow colors typically associated with homosexual activism.

This is driving the American Family Association, a major supporter of the bill, totally crazy. They're now screaming that somehow businesses stepping into the breach and welcoming gay business is intended to "trample the freedom of Christians to live according to the dictates of scripture."

No, you can go ahead and refuse the business but other firms are perfectly happy to step in and take it. And that includes the business of heterosexuals who think discrimination sucks.

This is the old right wing attitude that they're allowed the "freedom" to say and do what they want but no one is allowed to disagree with them. In other words EVERYONE has to accept their opinions.

To all American Conservatives I say, here, check out the lovely shape of my middle finger.

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