Friday, May 16, 2014

Operation American Spring

In case you don't know what Operation American Spring (OAS) is, allow me to tell you. OAS was organized by right wing Tea Party activists to flood Washington D.C. and bring the city to a halt until Obama left office.

Organizer Harry Riley said they were expecting 10-20 million people and guaranteed a minimum of 10 million.

Organizers claimed that "militias all around the country are mobilizing" and that if the movement's objectives weren't met then things could turn violent.

They said that OAS was "bathed in prayer" and that God was on their side.

They intended to forcibly remove Obama from office and install a tribunal led by GOP figures such as Ted Cruz and Allen West.

Less than 100 people showed up.

The right wing is delusional. They are incapable of telling the difference between fantasy and reality. If they can think of it, and they can think of some pretty weird crap, and it meets their warped view of the world, then it must be true.

Clearly these morons have no concept of what it takes to organize a rally of even thousands of people never mind millions.

They also overlooked the small problem that what they said they were intending violated the Constitution of the US as well as federal law. If anyone in the government saw any reason to treat them as other than a joke, they'd all be in jail right now.

Even crazies like Cruz and West know better than to get involved in nonsense like this.

Oh yeah, God didn't show up either. I can only assume he had better things to do such as creating a universe without right wing lunatics perhaps.

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