Friday, September 20, 2013

House Votes to "Defund" Affordable Care Act

House Republicans have passed an emergency funding bill that strips the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) of its funding with a scant two weeks to go before the Exchanges are supposed to open for business.

The Republicans need to get their heads out from their asses.

Clearly this is going no where. The Democratic Senate leadership has already said they're going to take the defunding out and the White House has said it will veto the bill.

The Republicans are clearly hoping that the blame for the potential ensuing train wreck will fall on the Democrats. This is unlikely and John Boehner knows it.

Exactly why conservatives have such a burr up their saddle about the ACA is a little unclear to me. That the American populace doesn't understand the bill is obvious and the Republicans take advantage of that by continuing to circulate what amount to flat out lies.

The bill is not preventing 8.2 million part time employees from finding full time jobs. The total number of part time workers was 8.2 million when this claim was made. It was 9.1 million when the ACA was passed and its 7.9 million now.

The bill isn't a "job killer." Most economists believe the bill's effect on jobs will be minimal with the loss of only a small number of low paying jobs. Of course if you're one of those that loses his job then it's not so "minimal" is it?

Everyone isn't going to pay higher premiums. The simple fact is that younger people will tend to pay more while older people will tend to pay less because of the way the bill is structured. Feel free to say this amounts to wealth redistribution from the young to the old and oppose it on those grounds if you want.

The government is not going to choose your doctor nor is it going to get involved in your health care. This is just total crap. There are no government panels deciding what care you should get; the law doesn't cover abortions and the law doesn't cover illegal immigrants.

Despite Republican claims to the contrary, incomes will be verified when someone applies for Federal subsidies; the law simply provides some flexibility to insurance companies on how to do this.

Finally, as stated previously, Congress is NOT exempt from the law.

Conservatives lie. Always keep that in mind. Liberals lie too but not nearly as much as Conservatives because reality tends to have a Liberal bias.

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