Sunday, September 01, 2013

Obama Leaves Syrian Action to Congress

At the 11th hour President Barack Obama has asked congress to approve military action in Syria.

I believe that is the right thing to do and I'm hoping that congress will listen to the American people and refuse to OK any unilateral military intervention.

I'm as appalled as anyone that it appears agents of the Syrian government launched a nerve gas attack against local rebels. Of course I'm even more appalled that the Syrians have nerve gas at their disposal. I'd certainly like to know where they got that.

Regardless, I still am opposed to US military intervention. Leave it up to the UN and the other Arab regimes in the region to decide what action, if any, should be taken.

Hopefully congress will come back with a big fat NO as an answer.

I saw a headline somewhere asking if this decision, to ask for congressional approval, weakens the presidency? My immediate reaction was I certainly hope so. The American presidency has become far too powerful and scaling it back is long overdue in my opinion.

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