Friday, June 01, 2012

Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution by Linda Hirshman

Ms. Hirshman’s book apparently declares 2011 the year of victory for the gay rights movement. The book further appears to declare that the reason for the victory was the LGBT adoption of the moral high ground. In other words, homosexuality should not simply be tolerated, but homosexuality is normal and good.

Personally I think Ms. Hirshman is declaring victory a bit too soon. It’s sort of like George Bush’s declaration of mission accomplished in Iraq.

While a don’t doubt that victory is inevitable, I wouldn’t say it’s been achieved quite yet. Hirshman’s book does raise an interesting question for those of us that support the movement though. Do we actually accept homosexuality as normal or are we just tolerating it?

To my surprise I realized that I’m not sure. As a pure heterosexual attraction to your own sex puzzles me and, I have to admit, there is a definite “yuck factor” associated with homosexual acts. I suppose homosexuals feel the same way about heterosexual acts.

So does that mean I merely tolerate rather than accept? I honestly don’t know.

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