Thursday, June 07, 2012

Now for the General Election

Now that Romney is, pretty much, the official nominee, we can get on with the general election.

Things have tightened considerable, as expected, and Romney actually out raised Obama in May. I suspect things will stay at pretty much a dead heat until close to the election. Hopefully Obama will make mincemeat out of Romney in the debates, but you never know.

Like many people I’m disappointed in Obama. I had so many high hopes and most of them ended up crushed on the floor of congress. I had to learn all over again that while the Republicans are competent but dishonest, the Democrats are honest but incompetent.

Like Will Rodgers used to say, I don’t belong to any organized political party, I’m a Democrat.

So would I vote for Romney? Not a snow ball’s chance in hell.

If he was a Democrat I might think about it but I can’t vote for the representative of a party that has people like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann in places of influence and that has again nominated Roy Moore for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

To say that the Republican Party, or at least certain wings of the Republican Party, are stepping all over traditional American principles would be an understatement. And they call themselves Patriots.

Let’s talk about Roy Moore for a second. This is the yo-yo that, while Chief Justice, erected a stone monument with the Ten Commandments on it at the Alabama Supreme Court. When a federal judge ordered it removed since it violated the U.S. Constitution, Moore refused and was subsequently removed from office.

After two abortive attempts at governor, Moore has again won the Republican nomination for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. The Alabama Republican Party says “The Alabama Republican Party stands firmly behind Judge Roy Moore to serve as the next Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.”

In the meantime “Judge” Moore and his Foundation for Moral Law are defending an Alabama Town that wants to use a Bible verse on its welcoming signs.

Moore says he doesn’t regret what he did because the federal judge had no right to tell him to remove the monument and the federal judge had “violated not only our Constitution but the case law of the United States Supreme Court which says our religious freedom comes from God.”

How the f--k did this bozo get through law school? Please cite WHERE in the Constitution or SCOTUS case law that it says our “religious freedom comes from God.”

The Anniston Star editorial board has argued that a candidate for the position of Chief Justice should not “promote his own particular brand of religion and tie it to questionable constitutional interpretations.”

I agree with that, but apparently the morons that live in Alabama don’t have a problem with Moore’s “brand of religion” or “questionable constitutional interpretations.”

How can you vote for a party that nominates such a man for such a position of responsibility?

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