Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Republican National Committee and a Strip Club

Let’s hear it for the party of “Family Values.”

Apparently the RNC shelled out $1,946 in February for a junket to a sexually themed Hollywood night spot call Voyeur. While there is some debate over who knew what, I find this utterly fascinating.

It wasn’t a party junket but rather something set up by a staffer for a group of potential donors. Yo, Evangelical Christians, are you following this? The Republicans are entertaining potential fat cat donors with trips to strip clubs and, apparently, a bondage themed club at that.

My, aren’t we kinky? Talk about a pit of hypocritical vipers.

But come on, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that politicians are hypocrites. The real issue to my mind is they fired a junior staffer while all the senior staff disavowed any knowledge of the event.

I call that cowardice.

Is there anyone willing to step up and take responsibility for anything in that sad excuse for a political party? All I ever hear from them is a litany of its all someone else’s fault.

Allow me to suggest that either senior staff knew about it, in which case they should be canned, or they didn’t know about it, which means they don’t have proper managerial control of their staff, in which case they should be canned. Either way, the party faithful should take a broom to the RNC senior staff.

It’s either poor judgment or poor control, take your choice. By the way, did I mention the $17,000 in chartered plane fees and the $12,000 in luxury limousines also spent in the single month of February? The hypocrisy of stirring up the rubes with nonsense issues and rhetoric while simultaneously laughing at them while sipping cognac in the back of luxury limousines on the way to a steamy strip club, and using their money to pay for it, strikes me as precisely the problem with the Republican Party.

Well, at least it wasn’t a gay strip club.

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