Monday, March 29, 2010

Police arrest Christian Militia

Oh just freaking wonderful. According to the AP, the police in the Midwest have arrested nine members of a Christian Militia organization called Hutaree and charged them with planning to kill police officers. Their plans even included throwing bombs at a police officer’s funeral.

If you ask me, I would have let them go forward with their “plans” and blown the bastards away when they showed up.

Apparently these assholes think that Jesus wants them to be able to defend themselves from the Anti-Christ when he shows up. They consider federal, state and local law enforcement officials as a “brotherhood” and an enemy.

According to their website, “Hutaree” means “Christian Warrior” in a secret language that only a few are privileged to know.

They were going to make war on the U.S. government but upon their arrest opted for a Public Defender.

Where else but in the Western Democracies would they get legal counsel after planning murder and insurrection rather than a bullet at close range? Yet these are the very Democracies people like this would gleefully overthrow and replace with a Theocracy capable of sentencing people to death for practicing “sorcery.”

Granted it’s innocent until proven guilty, but in this case I’m willing to bet they’re as guilty as sin. Here’s hoping these yo-yos get to have many long painful discussions with Bubba and his friends while spending the next 30 or 40 years behind bars.

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