Sunday, March 28, 2010

Convicted of Sorcery?

Ali Hussain Sibat used to host a call-in show on Beirut television. On that show he would "predict" the future an d give people advice. In May of 2008 he made a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. While there he was arrested by the religious police and charged with sorcery.

He was convicted by a court in Medina and, are you ready for this, sentenced to death. Yes, you heard me right. The man was sentenced to death for an impossible crime.

The Mecca appeals court sent the case back for "reconsideration," but the Medina court confirmed their decision. According to CNN the judges in Medina issued a statement to the effect that "Sibat deserved to be executed for having continually practiced black magic on his show, adding that this sentence would deter others from practicing sorcery."

These are judges? These are supposed to be educated people? Black magic? Sorcery? Give me a god damned break.

Here's an example of the ignorance and absurdity you can expect when religion has power. Go ahead, vote Republican if this is the kind of crap you want to see here as well.

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