Monday, November 30, 2009

Jesus and the Iron

According to the AP some lady in Massachusetts has discovered a picture of Jesus on the bottom of her iron.

And I thought the Jesus picture on the grilled cheese sandwich was bad.

I might point out that the image could just as easily be interpreted as the Sphinx, Mick Jagger or any long haired female. To me it looks like one of those old English judges with the long curly wigs.

Humans are good at pattern recognition. This trait was undoubtedly important when traipsing through the forest in order to avoid predators and locate prey. Someone who couldn’t differentiate well between a deer and a bear probably didn’t get to pass on his genes. That’s Natural Selection at work.

Unfortunately when you combine our instinct to constantly look for patterns with a vivid imagination or wishful thinking, you get Jesus in the residue on the bottom of an iron.

And they probably let her vote. Luckily she can’t do much harm in Massachusetts

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