Monday, November 23, 2009

Republican Roadblocks

The Republicans in congress increasingly appear to be more interested in blocking any Democratic effort at Health Care Reform and less worried about getting the right Health Care Reform passed.

I suspect there are exceptions but it’s hard to pick them out. All I can say is WTF?

I guess you could make the argument that no reform is better than what the Democrats are proposing but I don’t think that’s the issue.

The issue is that I suspect the Republican Party is following part of its base and concluding that it would be better to let the country burn than to give Obama a legislative success.

They need to get things back in perspective.

They’re supposed to be working for the good of the country and not just for the good of the party. I believe that the Republican Party has utterly lost its focus and is rapidly degrading into a philosophy that you make yourself look good by making the other guy look bad rather than outperforming him on merit.

That philosophy doesn’t do the country any good and may well do it a great deal of harm and yet they call themselves Patriots.

Such a philosophy might succeed politically in the short term but would have disastrous consequences for the health of the country in the long run.

By the by, the Democrats aren’t anywhere near squeaky clean in this regard either but the Republicans seem to be abandoning all else at the moment as long as Obama doesn’t succeed.

And they say racism is dead.

I’ve had it with the negative perspectives. Rather than competing on how bad the other guy is how about trying to campaign on how good you are?

Personally I would rather win than have the other guy lose.

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