Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Thoughts before the Plunge

It's pushing 6 PM. My wife and I voted this morning about 9 AM. She was voter #80; I was voter #81. My oldest daughter went before she went to work right as the polls opened. She was voter #1.

Assuming no surprises, and Pennsylvania and Michigan could turn into unpleasant surprises for Hillary Clinton, the election will come down to New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida and Nevada.

New Hampshire's and Florida's polls will close at 7 PM. North Carolina will follow at 7:30 PM. Pennsylvania's will close at 8 PM; Michigan closes at 8 PM as well. Nevada's won't close until 10 PM EST.

I expect this to be a long night. I don't expect any of these states to be called quickly. It's quite likely that Ohio will take a while as well.

I just want it all to end tonight one way or the other.

Elections used to be fun. This election has not been fun.

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