Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More on the Clinton E-mails

As I said in a previous post deciding what is classified is not an exact science. There are lots of shades of grey and some things are just considered classified just because no one is sure whether they're really important or not.

I've been wondering exactly what the content of the eight Top Secret e-mail consisted of and now I've gotten some information as to the topics but not the exact content.

Take this with a grain of salt because obviously I haven't actually seen the e-mails and I'm relying on second hand information but from a reliable source.

The information I have says that seven of the eight were related to CIA drone strikes in countries that prefer it wasn't known that they were co-operating with the CIA.

While these strikes are considered "classified," everyone fucking knows they're happening. There are even Internet web sites that are counting when, where and with what result.

The eighth was reportedly about a conversation with the President of Malawi and conversations with foreign leaders are routinely classified. Somehow I doubt Clinton was discussing anything of critical importance with the worthy executive of Malawi.

So, if what I've been told is correct, the whole deal is much ado about nothing in terms of the criticality of the information but it doesn't change my suspicion that this whole fiasco was more due to arrogance than carelessness.

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