Thursday, July 14, 2016

More on Alton Sterling

I did a little more research on the Alton Sterling case and watched the videos.

The problem is the critical questions are actually from before the videos start.

 Police can use deadly force to protect their lives or the life of another innocent party. A key thing to remember, which I often think those who are quick to blame the police forget or aren't aware of, is that it doesn't matter if there is an actual threat. It only matters if the officer has an "objectively reasonable" belief that there is a threat.

When you're on the ground wrestling with a suspect, the suspect is still resisting and the suspect is armed, I think it's safe to say you would have an "objectively reasonable" belief that there is a threat. 

The bigger issue for the Baton Rouge police is how did things deteriorate into a situation where the officers only option to protect their own lives was to use deadly force?

There are all sorts of questions about how much they knew, what they assumed and what procedures they used. He was reported as armed! Why weren't they behind their vehicle and ordering him onto the ground?

Sterling was a twice convicted felon so simply carrying a firearm was a felony. That would be three strikes and Louisiana has a pretty nasty three strikes law. Alton Sterling was going away for a long, long time if the police found that gun.

So I suppose this wasn't going to end well for Sterling no matter what but I still question how things got to a wrestling match on the ground?

That's the key question to my mind.

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