Monday, March 07, 2016

Josh Nailed It

I just read an article by Josh Marshall at TPM and he has managed to clearly articulate an issue that I've been sort of trying to get a handle on for a while now.

The intensity and volume of the pro-Trump movement is only understandable "if you are dealing with a chunk of the electorate with expectations that are deeply unrealistic in the context of conventional political action."

I've seen this clearly demonstrated in interviews and in comments on articles. Many of these people are simply ignorant of what is possible in a complex world. 

They don't understand how the budget process works; they don't understand how the political process works and they don't understand that the checks and balances are there to prevent things from rapidly spiraling out of control.

It's SUPPOSED to take effort to make significant changes.

Marshall goes on to observe that this "is a volatile situation when you're talking about at least a quarter of the national electorate."

He's right about that as well. That quarter appears willing to accept what amounts to a virtual dictatorship if it will achieve what they want.

Marshall's last thought, when taken to its logical conclusion, is chilling.

"That gets you Trump. It also gets you Ted Cruz. And it may get you worse still."

It could get you the unthinkable. Trump has threatened to issue what would be illegal orders to the military. Some military experts say that the military will refuse to obey them. I know better. Some of the military will refuse but others will not. 

That could lead to civil war. But civil war might be preferable to allowing Trump control of the nuclear arsenal.

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