Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Entre la espada y la pared

Between the sword and the wall. Between a rock and a hard place. Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

All expressions that try to convey the very uncomfortable situation when none of your options appears to be very palatable.

This is the situation on the Republican presidential side.

Back in July of 2015 I started down this road. At that time there were 16 apparent candidates. That grew to 17 by August of 2015. In my initial rumblings I divide the menagerie into two groups based upon my preferences without regard to a candidates viability.

I had six below what I called the Elmer Fudd line because I considered them loony toons. Unfortunately one of my loony toons six is still in the race.

Here's what I said at the beginning about the three still in the race.

Donald Trump - If nothing else he stands by what he says. The man may not have any political experience but he knows his way around finances. He has a tendency to say some strange stuff but he's not loony toons.

He has a tendency to say strange stuff indeed. After listening to him for nine months I'm convinced he's little more than an egotistical, loud mouthed bully. He's used to being able to intimidate everyone he encounters. He could be a complete disaster as president. Or, perhaps not. He's just too unpredictable.

Ted Cruz - Cruz is hopeless but most of the others are even worse!

The "others" were Scott Walker, Bobby Jindel, Rick Santorum, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee. These were the six below the Elmer Fudd line. At that time it looked as if Cruz might be sliding. Unfortunately that turned out to be wrong.

John Kasich - ...given his fiscal conservative and business background this guy might actually be interesting to consider. I don't go for his abortion position but he doesn't strike me as completely crazy. For a Republican he might actually be acceptable.

I don't see Kasich winning the nomination in anything short of a wildly contested convention and I don't think that's going to happen. That means it's between Trump and Cruz. The sword and the wall.

Even given Trump's constant demonstration of the difference between having money and having class, Cruz is far more dangerous. He's crazy and his father is even crazier.

On the Democratic side Bernie is still, surprisingly enough, keeping it close.  Bernie, like Trump, is talking about things that he can't deliver on in the current political climate. It's just not reasonable.

However all progress is the result of unreasonable men because they try and adapt reality to what is right rather than simply accepting what is wrong.

Perhaps the best of all words would be a Trump vs. Sanders election? Let's put the two great outsiders on the stage against each other and see which the country prefers.

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