Wednesday, December 09, 2015

No Muslims Allowed?

Apparently Donald Trump thinks it would be a good idea if Muslims weren't allowed entry into the US. The man is afraid there might be a terrorist or two hiding among the student visa applicants.

I suppose next would be not allowing Muslims who are US citizens and living in the US to leave. I mean there's no guarantee they're not going to be turned into wide eyed radicals while they're out of the country.

Come to think of it, how can we trust them even while they're in the country? I know, how about we round them up and put in special places where we can keep an eye on them. We'll call the special places Concentration Camps...oh wait.

I prefer to judge each individual on his or her own merits. I have no patience for Islam just like I have no patience for any religion but you could make a case that aspects of Islam make it worse than most other religions given it's history of militant jihad and little associated cultural gems such as honor killings.

But I draw the line at guilt by association. There are realistic and unrealistic concerns. What is it about conservatives that they seem to have a pathological need to constantly be afraid?

In the meantime Cruz and Huckabee think they can simply ignore Supreme Court decisions. Cruz wants to extend 14th Amendment rights to fetuses which he thinks would effectively overturn Roe v. Wade.

Of course it wouldn't because no legislative law can overrule the Constitution. You would need some sort of Constitutional amendment. I find it hard to believe Cruz has a law degree.

Huckabee thinks he can eliminate abortions and gay rights through executive order.

Huckabee and Cruz are both idiots.

Even Jeb Bush, who I thought might be an adult, suggests we allow only Christian Syrian refugees to enter the country. When asked how he was going to tell the difference, he went hem, haw, hem, hem.

The one good thing about Trump is he is pulling all the racists and bigots out of the closet. He's like sugar being dropped on the floor of a roach infested kitchen. He's making it "OK" for the scum of the country to show their true colors.

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