Sunday, December 06, 2015

College Football Poll 12/5/2015

Well Alabama took care of business in the early game beating Florida 29-16.

The game between Iowa and Michigan State was a beaut coming down to trench play inside the 5 yard line with State trying to punch it in and Iowa trying to hold on. Ultimately it was too much to ask of the Iowa defense and Michigan State won 16-13.

Clemson held on over North Carolina 45-37. Things might have gotten scary is NC had managed to recover the onside kick but it was not to be.

So it's all over but the kicking and screaming and it's time for the fat lady to get ready to sing. It's going to be:

#1 - Clemson (13-0)
#2 - Alabama (12-1)
#3 - Oklahoma (11-1)
#4 - Michigan State (12-1)

Gee, where Have I seen that before? Any other alignment would make no sense whatsoever.

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