Friday, August 07, 2015

Post the Debate

OK, so the first "debate" is over. There were no real surprise. Trump and Christie were abrasive. Huckabee, Walker, Cruz and Carson were delusional, Rubio, Paul and Bush seemed lost in space but Rubio did better than the others and Kasich showed up and made some noise..

From now on I think I will treat this circus in two parts. The "Terrible Ten" and the "Trash Heap Six." Or is it seven? Didn't some other turkey join in? Maybe I should ignore him for the moment?

Also my order of preference will be based upon a combination of "sane enough to put up with" and "probability of winning" the nomination within the group the candidate is currently in.

The Terrible Ten
#1 - Donald Trump - I don't think what he's saying is that outrageous although the way he puts it is a bit crude. I'm willing to give a businessperson a chance instead of another politician.

#2 - Jeb Bush - He's probably incompetent but at least he's not crazy. I still think he's got the inside track.

#3 - Marco Rubio - He ranks this high because I don't know that much about him. The others I'm sure are loony toons.

#4 - John Kasich - Like Rubio he benefits from the benefit of the doubt. He might not be crazy.

#5 - Chris Christie - I think Christie is a complete ass-hole so you can imagine what I think of the other five.

#6 - Rand Paul - Like his dad, not only doesn't he have any answers but he doesn't even understand the questions.

#7 - Ted Cruz - He's crazy and he's still ahead of three others.

#8 - Scott Walker - I'm surprised this dum-dum isn't dribbling at the mouth yet. I suppose I should just give it time.

#9 - Ben Carson - Mister Delusional himself. If he were to somehow end up in the White House I'd move to Scandinavia.

#10 - Mike Huckabee - Huckabee is a complete lunatic and he demonstrated it again last night with his personhood idiocy. Can someone please run him over with a truck?

The Trash Heap Six or Seven
#11 - Rick Perry - I don't think Perry is as crazy as he sometimes pretends. He might in fact make a pretty good president.

#12 - Carly Fiorina - Similar rationale as with Trump. Maybe we should let a pure businessperson take a shot? The big question is how good a businessperson is Fiorina?

#13 - George Patacki - Patacki could be a reasonable president but I think he has no chance.

#14 - Lindsay Graham - Same as Patacki, no chance.

#15 - Jim Gilmore - The governor of Virginia has no chance but I'll take him over Jindel and Santorum.

#16 - Bobby Jindel - This guy is the world's biggest loser but I would still take him over Carson, Huckabee and Santorum because they're completely crazy.

#17 - Rick Santorum - He's not as crazy as Huckabee but he's still crazy.

One would hope that people will start dropping out soon.

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