Saturday, July 18, 2015

So who will be the Republican Nominee?

It's going to be Jeb Bush.

Jeb has amassed a $114 million dollar war chest and is capable of drowning all the other candidates in greenbacks. Let's go through the list. The order is my order of preference. * = has officially declared. (x%, y%) = 1st and 2nd percentages of most recent poll I saw.

#1 - George Patacki* (0%/0%) - At 0% in the polls should be closing down shop any time now.

#2 - Jeb Bush* (11%/7%) - Given his war chest and name, barring some catastrophe, should win the nomination sooner rather than later.

#3 - John Kasich (2%/2%) - Should be dropping out about the same time as Patacki.

#4 - Donald Trump* (15%/12%) - Trump is a flash in the pan that neither the Republican Party nor the country can afford. His recent criticism of John McCain's war record should speed his decent to the trash heap.

 #5 - Marco Rubio* (9%/7%) - I expect Rubio to be around for a while but will ultimately lose to Bush.

#6 - Chris Christie* (6%/8%) - He'll hang around 6%-8% for a while but will quickly disappear once things get serious.

#7 - Rand Paul* (11%/7%) - Probably has more staying power than Christie but has no chance against Bush.

#8 - Carly Fiorina* (3%/5%) - Should be done after Iowa and possibly before.

#9 - Rick Perry* (3%/5%) - In the same boat as Fiorina.

#10 - Lindsey Graham* (0%/1%) - Has no realistic chance of even making the 1st debate cut.

#11 - Ted Cruz* (4%/7%) - Expect Cruz to hang around to the bitter end.

#12 - Scott Walker* (9%/8%) - Same with Walker. He's going to be around for a while if for no other reason than the Koch brothers appear to like him.

#13 - Bobby Jindel* (2%/4%) - Should disappear about the same time as Fiorina if not before.

#14 - Rick Santorum* (2%/4%) - Like an unwanted house guest will probably outstay his welcome just like 2012.

#15 - Ben Carson* (7%/7%) - Gone after New Hampshire as he should get about 4 votes in that state.

#16 - Mike Huckabee* (9%/6%) - Will be on the same bus out of town as Carson if not sooner.

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