Saturday, January 03, 2015

The NFL Playoffs

Ok, it's NFL Playoff time. Time for me to demonstrate how bad I am at predicting NFL games. Let's get right to it with the Wildcard round.

Cardinals at Panthers - Panthers

I don't think the Cards can overcome their injuries at QB and it's time for Cam Newton to win his first playoff game. If the Cardinals do pull it out it will be the defense earning the game ball.

Ravens at Steelers - Ravens

Neither team impresses me much but the Steelers strike me as even more inconsistent than the Ravens. Besides, Joe Flacco always seems to bring it up a notch in the post season.

Bengals at Colts - Colts

Luck has made me into a believer and I just don't think the Colts will lose at home.

Lions at Cowboys - Cowboys

I would really like the Lions to win this one but the Cowboys are too hot. Next week. at Green Bay, is where I'm betting the Cowboys meet their Waterloo.

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